Date : 21st Sep, 2014


The word  ‘besha’ means in English ‘dress’ or adornment  everyday from the ‘ mangala arati’ till ‘ ratri pahuda’ the deities on the ratnavedi’ wear  different dress.the the deities  are adorned      with cotton and silken fabries, gold ornaments studded with precious stones, flowers of different varieties, tulasi leaves etc.  sandal  paste , camphor  and sometimes musk are used in the daily and periodical rituals. A few important besha of the deities are mentioned below

Badasinghara Bhesa

 This is  the last besha of the deities , done everyday before the night ‘ pahuda’ on the following early morning., lamp offering ( mangla arti ) is done to the deities when they are in this besha . this is  mostly made of flowers of different  colours and species. The lord are decorated with  flower ornaments locally names as ‘ adhar’,jhumpa’, ‘ gava’ , ‘ chandrika’ tilak’ , ‘ alaka’ , ‘ guna’ , ‘ hurda pallava’ , ‘ karapallava’ , ‘ tadaki’ etc . and many flower garland , some of these  are mixed with tulsi leaves. The deities  wear dilk clothes called ‘ khandua’ . an extract from the favous  Sanskrit poem ‘gita govinda’ of poet   jayadeva is woven in the ‘ khandua’ this is  a very  attractive besha

                        Chandan Besha

          Abakasha or Tadapa Uttari Bhesa

Chandan Besha Abakasha or Tadapa Uttari Bhesa
 This  besa is  done  for 42 days starting  from akshya turtiya day This besha is done  everyday after mangla arti for the abakash rituals. Abakash brushing of teeth and bathing of the deities , the clothes which are worn by the deities  for his purpose are known as ‘ tadapa’ and  ‘ uttari’

Suna (gold) Bhesa

On the 11th day in the bright  fortnight of ashada. Suna besha takes place, when the deities are in their respective chariots near the lions gate of the shree  jagannath temple .the deities are decorated with many gold  ornaments .they wear  gold diadems and lord balabhadra and jagannath appear with hands and  feet made of gold . lord jagannath holds gold  chakra(disc) in his holds a gold plough  in his left hand. Lord balabhadra holds a gold  plough in his left hand  a gold mace in his right hand. This besha is also known as badatadhu besha  and raja besa  is also done on dashahara, kartika purnima,pousa purnima and dola purnima.

Suna (gold) Bhesa

                   Gannapati or Hati Bhesa

                      Banabhoji Bhesa

Gannapati Besa Banabhoji Bhesa
On the full moon day in the month of jyesta, afte the bathing ceremony is over , the deities  are dressed like elephant. Lord jagannath and balabhadra appear like lord ganesh (the elephant-god) It is done  the 10th day  of the dark fortnight of bhadraba. The deities are dressed like cowherd boy, going for a picnic.

                       Kaliyadalana Bhesa

                  Prambasura Badha Bhesa

Kaliyadalana Bhesa Prambasura Badha Bhesa
On the 11th day  of the dark fortnight of bhadraba. Lord jagannath is dressed like lord Krishna  defeating the kaliya serpent It is done on the 12th day of the dark fornight of bhadraba.. lord balabhadra ‘s  killing of the demon, pralambasura is depicted in this besha

                  Krishna Balaram Bhesa

                    Bali Bamana Bhesa

Krishna Balaram Bhesa Prambasura Badha Bhesa
This is an important attractive besha done on the 13th day of the dark  fortnight of bhadraba..lord jagannath and lord balabhadra are dressed like lord Krishna and lord balaram  or balabhadra On the 12th day of the bright fortnight of bhadraba.., lord jagannath is dressed like bamana(dwarf) bamana is the fifth incarnation .

                  Radha Damodara Bhesa

           Thiakia or Laxmi narayan Bhesa

Radha Damodara Bhesa Laxmi narayan Bhesa
From the 11th day of the bright fortnight of ashwina to the 10th day of the bright fortnight of kartika, this besha takes place.                  Done on the 11th day of the bright fortnight of kartika

                     Bankachula Bhesa

        Nagaarjuna besha (parsurama) Bhesa

Bankachula Bhesa Nagaarjuna besha (parsurama) Bhesa
                 On the 12th day of the bright fortnight of kartika This besha is occasionally done in the month of kartika . when there are six days of panchaka . the lord are dressed like warriors. In the recent past this besha has been done on  16/11/1994. The previous four dates were  26/11/1993  ,  3/11/1968  ,  16/11/1967 and 26/11/1966

                     Ghodalagi Bhesa

                           Padma Bhesa

Ghodalagi Bhesa Nagaarjuna besha (parsurama) Bhesa
During the period from the 6th day of the bright  fortnight  of margasira  to the 5th day the bright fortnight of magha ( basanta panchami) , the deities wear winter clothes It is done on any Saturday or Wednesday  between the new moon day of magha and basanta panchami  ‘padma’ means lotus . the dress materials made of lotus , ‘sola’ lacc’  and paper  are supplied by badachhata matha . pudding is offered to the deities when they are in this  besha